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About me


I am Joanna and  I live in Finland. The weather here is veeery challenging, it is dark most of the time but I try to keep going:). I try to stay focus on the things which make me happy and I try to forget about bad situations or nasty people as soon as possible. 
I also study nursing. In the future I would like to work in a hospital and help people according to my best knowledge. 
I am interested in many things, fir exmaple alternative medicine, homeopathy, psychology and of course cosmetics:). Over the years I have tested many different cosmetic brands and types of products. I thought it would be nice to share my experience with you. I hope it will help you to choose the right cosmetics and you will find my posts interesting. I am sorry that I don't write very long posts but I think that most of us have busy lives and I respect your precious time. That is why I will not write essays about mascaras or face powders but I will try to answer the most important question: is the certain product worth buying/using? And if it is worth buying or using I will try to explain why.
I like travelling and I love animals. I think they are so lovely and I cannot imagine the world without our little sisters and brothers.

From Finland with love,


  1. Love your posts! I look forward to following :)

    1. Thank you very much. Now it is possible to follow:).