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Monday, 24 November 2014

Kabuki Full Coverage Brush by Bare Minerals

the Kabuki Full Coverage Brush by Bare Minerals is made of goat hair and is extremely soft. It has a short handle and a big head which is very good for buffing. It offers great coverage.

The bristles pick up a lot of foundation so I have to be careful with the application. I also had a Flawless Application Brush which has a long handle but unfortunately the handle broke. Anyway, I prefer kabuki brush better because it it perfect for applying the makeup and good for the travelling.
I use Kabuki brush on the bigger parts of my face and for the smaller parts I use Baby Buki brush:

Mama Kabuki and Baby Buki

I have my brushes for many years and  I have not have any problems with excessive shedding
I cleanse my brushes regularly with soap or shampoo and I put them near radiator for drying.
I recommend you Kabuki Full Coverage Brush:).



Friday, 14 November 2014

Lumene, Longwear Blur Foundation in 0 light ivory

Hello,how are you? Today I am reviewing Lumene Longwear Blur Foundation. I own colour 0 in Light Ivory. 

The foundation is:
  • longwear
  • has velvety texture
  • contains SPF 15
  • doesn't contain perfume
  • it is suitable for all skin types
  • available in six shades 

Lumene Longwear Blur Foundation in 0 Light Ivory
Lumene Longwear Blur Foundation in 0 Light Ivory

My opinion:
Longwear Blur Foundation  is very easy to apply. You can just use your fingers.
After the application your skin will really look flawless. 
What I like the most about this foundation is its texture: it is light and rather runny but at the same time gives a very good coverage. I have a very problematic skin  but this foundation covers all imperfections without being too cakey. It covers blemishes, scars and makes pores looking less visible. So in my opinion the foundation offers not medium but a good/full coverage. The result is mat and I think it indeed adds some warmth to the complexion.
I think it makes my face looking younger, fresher, well rested:). In other words the "blur effect" works:).

Lumene Longwear Blur Foundation in 0 Light Ivory

A closer look, more light added

This foundation has fantastic colours (6 colors which will suit most skin tones). The color number 0 light ivory is just great, suits fair skinned person very well:). It will adjust to your own skin tone and it will look natural.

I have also noticed that you can build up the coverage.

Foundation will last you a long time. You only need a dab to cover to cover the whole face (a little goes a long way).
The producer says that it will make your skin looking flawless and smooth. This effect will last all day, in fact up to 16 hours:). 
As for staying stays on the face long but certainly not 16 hours:). 

So, basically the Longwear foundation  does what the producer promises. Thanks to the "blur effect" technology the skin really looks more flawless. 
Blur effect is based on silicones, warm color pigments  and light-reflecting pigments so of course it will even out the skin tone and optically fade the fine lines( if you have any:)). Especially the silicones have ability to even out the skin tone.

In my opinion Lumene, Longwear Blur Foundation is a very good foundation and I recommend it to everybody.

Greetings and thanks for reading,


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