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Friday, 5 December 2014

Benecos, Ice Ice, Baby! Nail Polish review

I have bought this nail polish from Benecos because lately I have been trying to replace my traditional, full of toxins nail polishes with more healthy options.

Benecos nail polish in ice ice baby

The problem is that traditional nail polishes make my nails yellow and are very drying(:. 
I have been experimenting with different nail polish brands but I am going to write a more complex review laterAt the moment I am testing the Benecos brand. 
Benecos nail polish in Ice Ice Baby has a baby blue colour. The colour is totally mat. The application is not the easiest one, mainly because the polish is really thick and the brush is rather small.

Benecos nail polish, you can see how small brush it has

Also it may streak when you apply it and it may chip already two days after the application. Is it worth buying then? I think so because it does not contain toluene, camphor, phthalates, formaldehydes , colophony and when you apply it you will notice that it doesn't have strong odour either. It will not dry your nails and it should not make your nails yellow. If you are not too demanding and prefer less toxic nail polishes go for it! 

Benecos nail polish, you can see that it has chipped (about two days after the application)
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