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Monday, 8 December 2014

Ziaja, micellar water for sensitive skin review

today I would like to review a micellar water from Ziaja for sensitive skin. This micellar water does not contain alcohol, parabens and perfume.

Ziaja, micellar water for sensitive skin

I was looking for something gentle for cleansing the skin and after analyzing the ingredients of all micellar waters available in the shop I chose Ziaja. Not that I had too many options to choose from:). Normally my choice would be Bioderma but I don't think it is available here in Finland.
Ziaja has good gentle ingredients and its cleaning power I would describe as an average. On its own it will not remove all of your makeup.

Ziaja, micellar water for sensitive skin

Better if you use it in combination with other products, like cleansing milk or a face oil. So first let the cleansing milk do the dirt job and then use Ziaja micellar water for sensitive skin for removing "makeup leftovers". After that you can be 100% sure that your skin is clean, fresh and moisturized. You can even skip the moisturizer. In the mornings  you can only use Ziaja and it will clean your skin gently yet effectively. It will refresh your complexion and prepare for the further steps of your daily beauty routine. I think it is really important because it will save you a lot of your precious time:).
Ziaja will not dry your skin, it will not clog your pores. But be careful that it won't migrate inside your eyes because it may sting.
Overall, good product with simple ingredients and inexpensive:).
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