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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Timotei pure shampoo-good for the hair or good for the floor?

how are you? I have noticed that most of the time I have been reviewing my favourite products but this is because I prefer to write about the happy things and the good products. This way hopefully I am creating a nice atmosphere.
But today I would like to review something that I don't like:). This is the Timotei pure shampoo. Maybe you know that I have oily scalp, greasy hair and I need to wash my hair almost every day. When I feel lazy I use a Batiste dry shampoo. But still I am hoping that one day I will find a shampoo which will help with my oily scalp and I will be able to wash the hair every second day:). 

Timotei pure shampoo

I have bought this product because I was a little bit disappointed at natural shampoos which are much more expensive but don't do much for my hair. In the shop I have spotted this "pure" shampoo for greasy and normal hair. I thought, well, it has "0" parabens, colourants and silicons plus it contains an organic green tea so it must be good. And, I forgot to mention it is cheap. Of course, I got it. 

Timotei pure shampoo

Is it any good? I don't think so. I don't expect miracles from the shampoo but it should at least clean the hair properly, especially that it was created for the oily hair
Here is my opinion:


  • price
  • availability
  • it doesn't clean the hair properly
  • weights the hair down
  • annoying smell (I certainly doesn't smell like a green tea)
Timotei pure shampoo

At this point I won't be writing about moisturizing or nourishing properties of this shampoo because this is what a decent conditioner should do. But what I wanted to accentuate is that this shampoo really doesn't wash the hair properly. After washing my hair was still feeling dirty and without the volume.
And because I didn't want to throw this shampoo away I decided to use it as a floor liquid cleaner. Now I am happy I have finally finished the bottle:). I would not recommend this product but still we are all different and I am sure that  some of you will find Timotei pure shampoo suitable. What are you experiences with this product? I am curious what are your favourite shampoos? Maybe someone would like to leave a comment?

Thank you for reading


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