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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Gosh, Eye Shadow in Love that Dolphin, light blue, long lasting

today I am reviewing my favourite eye shadow made by Gosh in Love that Dolphin colour.

Product's description:

Silky and creamy eye shadow stick, easy to apply. The high quality formula means it stays on for a long time and keeps looking fresh without melting, therefore it is perfect for those that have problems with watery eyes. This product is a new type of eye shadow, ideal for athletes, as it is waterproof. Due to its high melting point, the eye shadow will keep well even in warm weather conditions. All shades have a soft pearly effect. The creamy consistency is easy to tone out on the eyelid either with a finger or an applicator/brush.

My opinion:

I love that dolphin, too. I adore its colour. It is light sea blue which accentuates my eye colour which is dark green. It adds an instant radiance and freshness even when my eyes are tired because I haven't sleep long enough. Lately I have been trying a different type of makeup without this eye shadow but my friends said that I look  better when I wear it. So, yes, Love that dolphin eye shadow is my must have:).                        

                                                              Before blending
After blending

I have oily skin and it does stay on its place all day. At the same time it is very easy to remove with oil or eye makeup remover.
The eye shadow is silky and creamy indeed and it is easy to apply. It has an interesting packaging, twist type, so it will last long time.



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