Sunday, 19 October 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry

how are you? Batiste Dry Shampoo is a real "godsend" for those who, like me, have problems with oily hair. My hair gets oily very fast and honestly I should wash it daily. During the summer I can do it because I let the hair to dry naturally but during winter months...argh...I have to admit that sometimes I just feel too lazy to wash it in the mornings, especially if I have to use a hair dryer. Firstly it is unhealthy for the hair, secondly it is time consuming. But luckily the answer to my troubles is Batiste dry shampoo. I just spray it a few times and the hair is fresh again and smells nice. The effect stays all day. However, the shampoo contains butane which is very unhealthy. Even the manufacturer warns against too frequent usage of the shampoo and  recommends to keep a  distance when spraying the hair. Because of all this I try to use the shampoo rarely, let's say in "emergency situations"(like oversleeping:)). What do you think about dry shampoos?
butane, isobutane, propane, oryza sativa (rice) starch, alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), distearyldimonium chloride, cetrimonium chloride.
Dry shampoo Batiste cherry

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