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Monday, 24 November 2014

Kabuki Full Coverage Brush by Bare Minerals

the Kabuki Full Coverage Brush by Bare Minerals is made of goat hair and is extremely soft. It has a short handle and a big head which is very good for buffing. It offers great coverage.

The bristles pick up a lot of foundation so I have to be careful with the application. I also had a Flawless Application Brush which has a long handle but unfortunately the handle broke. Anyway, I prefer kabuki brush better because it it perfect for applying the makeup and good for the travelling.
I use Kabuki brush on the bigger parts of my face and for the smaller parts I use Baby Buki brush:

Mama Kabuki and Baby Buki

I have my brushes for many years and  I have not have any problems with excessive shedding
I cleanse my brushes regularly with soap or shampoo and I put them near radiator for drying.
I recommend you Kabuki Full Coverage Brush:).



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