Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Isadora lip gloss review Smooth Shine in Peaches Cream


IsaDora Smooth ´n Shine lipgloss in Peaches´n Cream has a beautiful colour and a cute name.

Isadora smooth and shine lip gloss peaches n cream

I remember when I saw it for the first time. I wanted to buy it straight away but the price was about 16 euros, really expensive. A few months later there was a sale in the shop. They had only a few lip glosses and one of them was IsaDora Smooth ´n Shine lip gloss in Peaches´n Cream. And the price was...5 euros:))). Of course I got it.

Isadora smooth and shine lip gloss peaches n cream

So, here it is. The lip gloss has SPF 12 so it means it will protect your lips from the sun and they will stay longer young and beautiful. It is moisturizng and smells very nice (kind of fruity smell). Although on the box says that the product is fragrance free. 

The colour is pinky /peach with silver glitter (the glitter is tiny) and is rather sheer. The glitter offers mirror shine effect. It isn't very sticky and it doesn't stay too long on the lips.


I am not sure if I would pay full price for this product. But if you find it in promotion go for it:)



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