Sunday, 16 November 2014

Lumene Beauty Base Eyeshadow primer, for eye makeup that stays in place all day

lumene Beauty Base Eyeshadow primer is my favourite product from Lumene. This is a classic, a legend. This is a really high quality product and I feel I don't have to write an essay to convince you:).

I have oily skin, sometimes my makeup just "melts" during the day. Without Lumene Beauty Base Eyeshadow primer I can forget about using eye shadows because after a couple of hours there is nothing left. With Lumene's eye primer my eye shadows last all day long and it doesn't matter if I use cheap or expensive eye shadows. It also intensifies the color of eye shadow.

 Basically everything what Lumene says about this product is true. I can recommend this eye shadow primer to everyone.

Lumene Beauty Base Eyeshadow primer

From Lumene’s site:
 “eye shadow primer fixes the eye shadow in place and keeps it flawless all day. Allows neat and even application of eye shadow and eyeliner. Neutral beige shade evens out the colour of eyelid skin. Ensures beautiful, fresh eye shadow colours on the eyelids. Also suitable as a lipstick primer.

Use and tips:
dab a small amount of eye shadow primer on the eyelids. Blend in. Powder your eyelids lightly. Apply eye makeup".

Lumene Beauty Base Eyeshadow primer



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