Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Body Shop, Shea Shower Gel Cream review


how are you? Today I am going to review for you The Body Shop Shea Butter shower cream gel.  

The Body Shop Shea Shower Gel Cream
 First thing which comes to my mind is that this shower gel is very moisturizing and that it doesn't contain the soap. It has a very thick creamy consistency and doesn't lather too much. It is very efficient, you will need only a small amount to wash your whole body. After the washing your skin will be clean, moisturized and nourished.
The Body Shop, Shea Shower Gel Cream
The Body Shop Shea Butter shower cream will not  stripp your  skin of its protective barrier. After the shower you could even skip the body moisturizer. It is all because this shower gel contains the shea butter which is best known for its moisturizing, anti-aging and regenerating properties. 
The Body Shop Shea Shower Gel Cream

But one thing I need o tell you. This shower gel cream from the Body Shop has a very strong smell. At the beginning I had problems with tolerating it. The smell may remind you of a mens aftershave. It can be a good and a bad thing. Good thing is that because of the smell this product is suitable for women and men. But if someone is sensitive to the smells then I would recommend to choose something more subtle. 

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