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5 Ways to Style Your Mid Length Hair by Victoria Howell. Guest post.

today I would like to share with you a post written by Victoria Howell. Victoria is a young author who likes writing blogs about women’s beauty. She writes articles about hair care and beauty salons. I hope you will enjoy reading:). 

"Title: 5 Ways to Style Your Mid Length Hair
Description: Best ways to style your shoulder-length hair. Five easy tricks for you to try now.
Key word:
Today one of the most popular haircuts among celebrities and not only is bob or lob, which actually means the same. The only difference that lob is a little bit longer one. In addition it is versatile, easy to style and timeless. Check out our five  ways to wear this trendy haircut and choose the one for you.  


Shoulder length lob, with laid-back strand perfectly reflects the versatility of this hair cut. It is not wavy, but not completely straight with light texture and “windblown” effect.  If you want to add curls in you lob, use large or medium curling iron. Rumpled texture lob looks nice and easy, so you can try it right now.
Sleek and polished considers to be a classical variant of wearing a bob or a lob. To create such look, use styling cream or mousse on your hair. Avoid putting it on the roots, or it will weight them down and take away all volume. Blow - dry your hair with a rounded comb and then smooth it with a flatiron. You can use some serum or spray in order to add shine to your hair. But be careful with it and don't overdo, or your hair will look greasy. It is better not to use any accessories with this hairdo.


Parting your hair can change your haircut fundamentally. Give some messy curls into your hair and side-swept it. This is a very easy way to look stylish. Use spray in your dried hair, if you have naturally curled texture, it will add great volume and a little bit of beachy softness. Small secret: twist your hair in different directions to create some asymmetry in it. Apply a small amount of styling cream on the ends to complete the hairdo.


If you always wanted to have halfway mark between straight and wavy with perfect center-parted hair, it is time to make your dreams come true. Nowadays such a trick is one of the most popular in hair fashion industry. Keep in mind that having your ends really straight makes it look more modern. To get such an effect it is more preferable to use a flatiron than a curling iron. About an inch or two from the bottom, stop bending the flatiron and just pull it through the ends straight for the blunt texture. To top it all use shine spray all over your head and a bit of smoothing pomade or cream at the ends.


This look is the lob at its best. It is greatest way to soften your face if you have angular or heart-shaped form. To get this look, shake your hair from the roots to ends using mousse. It will volumize your hair a lot. Blow-dry your hair, helping yourself with the hands, and your bangs, using a round brush to create a smooth and gentle curve. But never curl your bangs with the iron.

Well, if you haven`t wear bob before reading this article, now it is high time for you to visit your barber! Don’t forget to use our tips every time you look in the mirror.

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