Monday, 20 October 2014

L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara, lengthening volumizing mascara, manga look

The manufacturer promises big bold upper and lower lashes thanks to a special cone-shaped 360 ° Flexor brush. The brush is flexible (in the picture you can see the wand which can bend). Cone-shaped ending helps to emphasize the lower lashes. It will give you wide-eye manga look. However achieving this spectacular effect requires a little extra work and time which I normally don't have in the mornings.

At the beginning mascara was too wet and I was a bit disappointed. However after a few weeks  the consistency has improved and now mascara is doing its job pretty good. Lashes are thickened, elongated and  flexible to the touch. This flexibility is something I like about miss manga the most. Important that mascara does not smudge and remains intact for many hours. It doesn't cause irritation and  washes away easily with oil or eye makeup remover.
I recommend it.

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